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Mom, Dad and Donna. 1 year. 52 tables. The journey begins January 2010.

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Jan '10

Table 2: Boo-Ray’s New Orleans Cajun Restaurant

A Spicy Lunch in Texas

Jo, Donna and Don

Table 2: Boo-Rays.

It’s been incredibly cold in Texas recently, so deciding on a spicy table like Boo-Ray’s seemed very appropriate. Mom and Dad were coming out the Weatherford to deliver some art work and decided this would be a good opportunity to re-visit Boo-Rays New Orleans Cajun Restaurant. I had never eaten here before much less heard of the place. I think in the back of my mind I heard a friend mention it, but can’t remember who, when or where.

Boo-Ray's Maître d'

The Maître d'

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the resident maître d’, a jolly green little guy. Oh wait. That’s an alligator! Most appropriate and a wonderful way to set the tone for our second table. We were quickly met by the hostess, who promptly sat us at Michelle’s table.

Our waitress Michelle

Our waitress Michelle

Similar to our previous table, this place serves seafood and a lot of it. I have to admit my skepticism about the establishment that was off the beaten path. I was pleasantly surprised!

Dad ordered crab cakes to get us started. Those who know me, know I’m not a big fan of seafood. It’s taken years to get me to eat anything out of the ocean. These crab cakes were down right tasty in their creamy sauce. Upon their delivery I could see they were not going to waste. It’s ironic that having grown up in New England that I’m not much fond of ocean food, while on the other hand my mom who grew up in San Antonio can never get enough of it. Needless to say, she devoured three of the four crab cakes…and they were gone before I could snap a picture of them!

Unbeknownst to me, Mom and Dad had discovered this delightful eatery quite a few years ago when one of their neighbors dragged them out of town (they live a good 45+ miles away). It left quite the impression to make a good place to meet on this particular occasion as they had business in Weatherford. I am glad, too, because now I have another good Cajun place at which to eat.

Jo with a Fried Clam PoBoy

Jo eating the Fried Clam PoBoy with Cajun Fries

Don with Andouille Sausage, Red Beans and Rice

Don with Andouille Sausage, Red Beans and Rice

Once our orders were placed, it wasn’t long before Michelle was delivering them. I have to been in ‘the mood’ for seafood and on this day, well, I just wasn’t. I ordered the blackened chicken with dirty rice and green beans. Dad got the andouille sausage, red beans and rice; and Mom had the fried clam poboy (of course). Next to lobster, I think clams are her second favorite seafood dish. I recall while living in New England the neighbors going clamming and Mom enjoying everyone she could her hands on. Like our last table, this table also brought up more memories, mostly Moms.

I can’t recall exactly how we got on the topic of water, flooding and the Red Cross showing up with a bucket and mop. It was clear the bucket and mop weren’t going to be anywhere near enough to tackle the clean up after a foot of water had come through my house. Somehow it immediately reminded Mom of eating a meal in Grapevine where somehow she hit her glass just right, spilling the liquid all over my dad and the table. The guy at the ‘table next door’ handed them a napkin. Mom went up to the counter to ask for a rag. Clearly the worker didn’t fully understand the brevity of the problem and proceeded to hand her yet another napkin. When the worker came over to the table, he quickly realized the napkin was not going to be near enough to clean up the mess. Just exactly how this relates to flooding and vice versa I’m not sure, but it was certainly good for a laugh. The imagery is pretty hysterical.

Award Winning Bread Pudding

Award Winning Bread Pudding

As our meal was coming to an end, we opted to try the bread pudding. We’ve heard rumor it’s won an award or two, so we had to give it a try. I am not a big bread pudding fan, but I gotta say, this was a culinary delight to my mouth. I know Mom used to make bread pudding, but I don’t remember it ever tasting like this!

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