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Mom, Dad and Donna. 1 year. 52 tables. The journey begins January 2010.

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Feb '10

Table 6: Scampi’s Mediterranean Cafe

Jo and Don in front of Scampi's

Jo and Don in the patio area of Scampi's

A Grande Finale

I simply must start this post off with a HUGE thank you to the staff at Scampi’s Mediterranean Cafe for accepting our last minute Valentine’s Day reservation. Originally we were to meet at this table on Friday, February 12, but this crazy winter that North Texas is experiencing this year put our date in jeopardy.  As I went to check Scampi’s Web site for their address and directions, I discovered we needed a reservation for the day. YIKES! We had not made one! Lucky for us, they were already prepping for the day when I called at 9:30 a.m. and agreed to seat us just an hour later. Whew! Disappointment averted. Thank you, Angel and staff, for double-checking your reservation book, ensuring our 6th table would be available.

While this will be Scampi’s last day to serve lunch for a while, it is certainly not our last table. Far from it. Where is this segue going? Scampi’s is our first (of many, we hope) recommended table! Thank you ‘Lola‘ for the great suggestion! I wish we had learned about this little secret sooner as I suspect Scampi’s would have become a regular table for our list.

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