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Feb '10

Table 8: Swiss Pastry Shop

Let’s Eat!

What can I say? When this bunch is hungry, there’s little talking going on.

I bet it’s been at least a year since we visited the Swiss Pastry Shop in Fort Worth. Not that I would know the difference between German and Swiss food, but I find it weird that it is the Swiss Pastry Shop and they serve German food. Of course, maybe there is no difference between the two cuisines.

You have to be quick around this group, if you want to get anything done when it comes to eating. Today was one such day. We sat down, we ordered, we started eating. Oh! Quick! Take a pic before the food is all gone. Ha! Like that was gonna happen. As you can see, the food disappeared pretty much before the first snap of the camera.

This gem of a table is hidden in one of the working districts of Fort Worth. My good friends Pete and Lisa introduced me many years ago. I, in turn, introduced my parents. I have yet to find a better place for getting juicy bratwurst with grilled onions and savory saurkraut. Dad is a died-in-the-wool pastrami sandwich guy, while Mom couldn’t resist the Reuben sandwich.

Today the news was all about Hampton Beach, N.H., a resort town we used to frequent while Dad was stationed at Pease Air Force Base. Overnight a terrible fire engulfed a full city block of the tourist town, demolishing a number of tourist-driven businesses. The blessing being it is not tourist season. Mom recalled going and seeing Peter, Paul and Mary in concert there, back in the day. When Dad was off on TDY, I got pawned off on the babysitter, and Mom and her friends would go over to Hampton Beach to watch the waves. Part of the boardwalk was positioned in such a manner that when the waves were really roaring, you could see the fish swimming in the wall of water as it passed by. Wish I had seen that! (Not that I would remember seeing it.)

What I remember about Hampton Beach, was the rides at the amusement park. I think that’s where I first fell in love with riding roller coasters. I also remember the fun house they had, but not much else. Vividly I do recall the fun spent with Dad there. That feeling of just getting to hang out with your Dad. What a great memory.

While we were eating lunch and sharing our different recollections of that popular New England tourist spot, it was clear this was another memory in the making. In retrospect, I can see how Swiss Pastry Shop really was the right choice for the day with its boardwalk-type German fare.

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