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52 Tables

Mom, Dad and Donna. 1 year. 52 tables. The journey begins January 2010.

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About Us

Donna, Don and Jo

Donna, Don and Jo at their favorite Macaroni Grill

Mom, Dad and Donna are Jo and Don Hawthorne and their daughter Donna.

It has become a weekly tradition for these three to meet each Friday (or any other day of the week as Donna’s work schedule permits) for lunch somewhere in the Fort Worth, Texas area. Usually picking something close to wherever Donna is working, they have discovered many wonderful places and people along the way. This tradition started roughly¬†six years ago. In 2010, they decided to challenge themselves to eat at a different locale each week, never visiting the same table twice over the next 52 weeks.

Follow along as these three gastronomes embark on a year long adventure of eating out at a different restaurant (or even a friend’s house) each week.

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  1. Jerry Plummer Says:


    What a great idea! I wish I would have done this with my parents. Like most people, we tend to take the perpetual existence of those we love for granted and someday woulda, coulda is too late. What wonderful memories you’re all making. Keep sharing!


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