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52 Tables

Mom, Dad and Donna. 1 year. 52 tables. The journey begins January 2010.

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Jan '10

Table 2: Boo-Ray’s New Orleans Cajun Restaurant

A Spicy Lunch in Texas

Jo, Donna and Don

Table 2: Boo-Rays.

It’s been incredibly cold in Texas recently, so deciding on a spicy table like Boo-Ray’s seemed very appropriate. Mom and Dad were coming out the Weatherford to deliver some art work and decided this would be a good opportunity to re-visit Boo-Rays New Orleans Cajun Restaurant. I had never eaten here before much less heard of the place. I think in the back of my mind I heard a friend mention it, but can’t remember who, when or where.

Boo-Ray's Maître d'

The Maître d'

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the resident maître d’, a jolly green little guy. Oh wait. That’s an alligator! Most appropriate and a wonderful way to set the tone for our second table. We were quickly met by the hostess, who promptly sat us at Michelle’s table.

Our waitress Michelle

Our waitress Michelle

Similar to our previous table, this place serves seafood and a lot of it. I have to admit my skepticism about the establishment that was off the beaten path. I was pleasantly surprised!

Dad ordered crab cakes to get us started. Those who know me, know I’m not a big fan of seafood. It’s taken years to get me to eat anything out of the ocean. These crab cakes were down right tasty in their creamy sauce. Upon their delivery I could see they were not going to waste. It’s ironic that having grown up in New England that I’m not much fond of ocean food, while on the other hand my mom who grew up in San Antonio can never get enough of it. Needless to say, she devoured three of the four crab cakes…and they were gone before I could snap a picture of them! Continue reading "Table 2: Boo-Ray’s New Orleans Cajun Restaurant" »

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Jan '10

Table 1: Eddie V’s Prime Seafood

An Evening Meal Recalling Fond New England Memories (and others)

Table 1: Eddie V's Prime Seafood

Table 1: Jo, Donna and Don at Eddie V's

Any time family gets together you inevitably start recalling memories past. This seems to be especially true as we grow older. Past memories become more cherished and are often the foundation for a few new memories in the making. This evening was no exception.

Maine Lobster Bisque with Shrimp

Maine Lobster and Shrimp Bisque

Eddie V’s Prime Seafood is just as the name suggests, a seafood restaurant. Mom, a born and raised Texan was swiftly transplanted to New England in the early 1960s shortly after marrying Dad, who is originally from upstate New York. Mom quickly fell in love with New England fare, and in particular lobster and clams. While Eddie V’s didn’t have live Maine, let alone New Hampshire, lobster on the menu, they do offer Maine Lobster and Shrimp Bisque, and thus this story.

Mom loves to eat lobster. As she started making friends in New Hampshire, they quickly learned just how much she enjoyed this crustacean. One Sunday, she recalls as “Six Lobster Sunday,” in which she ate six lobsters. Following church, she was invited over to Mrs. Eaton’s house, and the first two lobsters. Several hours after that, Mom was invited over to Eileen Smith’s house, and the second two lobsters. Mom didn’t have the heart to tell Eileen she had just eaten two lobsters earlier (I’m not sure should wanted to either; this was like eating chocolate, almost). And, later in the day, one more meal with good friends Sarah and Warren Silvernail and two more lobsters! Needless to say, Mom got, and loved, the Maine Lobster Bisque. Said it truly brought back so many wonderful New England memories. Continue reading "Table 1: Eddie V’s Prime Seafood" »

Dec '09

Reservations for Three, Please

Discovering a New Way to Reserve a Table

I made our reservations today for our first table. A friend recommended opentable.com, a reservation service that many restaurants subscribe to. How totally cool! I had never heard of opentable.com before. It was quick and easy to use and gave me a reservation confirmation on the spot. I went ahead and applied for the affiliate program, too. I figured what the heck… after all we *will* be visiting at least 52 tables this year. I hope opentable.com will grant affiliate status. We’ll both win if they do.

Our first table is Eddie V’s Prime Seafood in Fort Worth. My husband took me there for my birthday last year; the experience was tops in my book and obviously not soon forgotten either. Eddie V’s was also very generous in sharing their Truffled Macaroni and Cheese recipe with me. We’ve tweeted back and forth on twitter, so it seemed appropriate that Eddie Vs should be our first table…at least in my mind.

The reservation is made; we are ready to begin our gastronomic adventure!

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Nov '09

The Journey Begins January 2010

Welcome to 52 Tables. Beginning in January 2010, Mom, Dad and Donna embark on a year-long adventure of eating at a different restaurant in the Fort Worth, Texas area, every week. Won’t you join them?