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52 Tables

Mom, Dad and Donna. 1 year. 52 tables. The journey begins January 2010.

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Feb '10

Table 8: Swiss Pastry Shop

Let’s Eat! What can I say? When this bunch is hungry, there’s little talking going on. I bet it’s been at least a year since we visited the Swiss Pastry Shop in Fort Worth. Not that I would know the difference between German and Swiss food, but I find it weird that it is the […]

Feb '10

Table 7: Empty Bowls

52 Tables in One Day After a very hurried morning, I found myself rushing out the door to meet up with my two fellow gastronomes, aka Mom and Dad aka Jo and Don. It would be easy to entitle today’s table as “An Exercise in Controlled Chaos.” But I digress and won’t. Technically, there really […]